Brand new equipment for the Library’s Digital Studio

Image of the new equipment bought for the Digital Studio
New equipment bought for the Digital Studio

Although impacted by the pandemic, the library’s Digital Studio has recently received the last delivery of the equipment it needed to start its ‘maker’ activities.

The Digital Studio is available with librarian support, for student and staff projects – the studio contains virtual reality Headsets, 360 and blogging cameras, green screens, prototyping and robotics equipment, a digital paper cutter, a sewing machine, two workstation spaces for Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, along with many small ‘quality of life’ items of such as dongles and video capture devices. The Digital Studio PC is also one of the most capable 3D computers on campus, able to 3D model and render digital files, develop VR applications, and is also preconfigured to work with the city’s Maker Space where students can take digital concepts and access a range of 3D printers and laser cutters on Wednesday evenings.

The Library have run drop in VR sessions assisted by students, demonstrating educational applications such as interactive tours of Ann Frank’s House, and meditation applications, run a drop-in ‘Crafty Christmas’ for students - using the digital studio resources to create environmentally friendly Christmas decorations, and are supporting linguistics and biological sciences to integrate elements of VR into teaching. On top of all this, the library is also recording student materials at a much more professional level, with better video and audio.

The funding for projects like the Digital Studio is essential for the opportunities that are available to our students and to the quality of learning that they experience.

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