Defying Dementia Fundraising and Community Shop Raises £50,000 for Dementia Research

An image of the Defying Dementia shop in Lancaster city centre

Lancaster University's Defying Dementia campaign is lucky to be supported by so many generous volunteers and donors. They play an important role in the research undertaken in the laboratories on campus. The Defying Dementia Fundraising and Community shop, founded by Linda Warrington along with her husband Neil, has an amazing team of staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly to raise vital funds which go towards supporting Defying Dementia research. We caught up with Linda to find out more about the shop and her drive to support dementia research at Lancaster University.

When Linda retired from teaching, she knew that she wanted to volunteer to support initiatives that helped those with Alzheimer’s disease. Linda’s mum lived with dementia for ten years and after experiencing the effects of dementia first-hand, Linda wanted to support other families who might be going through similar experiences.

When Linda’s mum was in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, Linda accessed The Bay Information Hub, a community based service with open access for local residents with dementia and other neurological conditions, and it was here that Linda learnt about Defying Dementia at Lancaster University. Linda learnt more about the fundraising campaign to raise funds to support dementia research and was keep to help.

When the former hospice premises was due to be vacated on Church Street in Lancaster city centre, Linda’s son Scott suggested that Linda use this space to set up a shop that could raise funding for dementia research. Linda used her own funds to turn this idea into a reality and, thus, the Defying Dementia Fundraising and Community shop opened in October 2018.

As well as raising funding for Lancaster University's Defying Dementia campaign, the shop provides a number of support services for the local community, which is a vital resource for people who need a place to go for help and information. This includes visits to the shop by a consultant admiral nurse who visits once a month and speaks with those living with dementia and their families and carers, and links with the Defying Dementia Student Society, who support raising awareness and funds for Defying Dementia. Linda also remains connected with The Bay Information Hub, and feeds into the Hub by giving people information on things such as service providers.

Since it’s opening, the shop has raised over £50,000, which is an incredible milestone and something that Lancaster University is extremely grateful for.

On their work to support the Defying Dementia campaign, Linda said:

“Over the past five years, the shop has gone from strength to strength, and the donations we receive are phenomenal. We now have two part-time managers together with a team of over twenty volunteers who all have strong links with the research team at Lancaster University. We are proud to run our shop as part of our continued efforts to provide a service to the community. If a drug could be found to halt Alzheimer’s, it would be amazing. I want as few people as possible to go through what we went through as a family.”

On behalf of all of the Defying Dementia team at Lancaster University, we offer our heartfelt thanks to Linda, Neil and everyone at the Defying Dementia Fundraising and Community shop for all that they do in support of our research.

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