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At Spectrum Centre we strive to offer easy access to our work. While we are updating our website please view the following summary of our most recent activities along with links where you can access everything for free and watch at your own time: Download Media Summary

Family life in Coronatimes

Fiona Lobban, mental health educator Victoria Maxwell, and bipolar disorder researcher Dr Erin Michalak, speak on navigating family relationships and bipolar disorder during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

What is Recovery?

This video resource uses an animation to describe what is meant by recovery for those with lived experience of Bipolar and forms part of a wider multi-media recovery toolkit. Visit the Recovery event page for more information.

The REACT Toolkit

This video animation discusses the Relatives Education And Coping Toolkit (REACT), an online package and toolkit for relatives and friends of people with mental health problems associated with psychosis or bipolar.

Findings from the REACT toolkit

This video animation discusses the effectiveness of the Relatives Education And Coping Toolkit (REACT) in reducing distress in relatives and increasing their wellbeing, summarising the findings.

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