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Carers Event

Mental Health Carers Workshop: The way Forward

On the 9th July 2019 at the Friends Meeting House, Manchester the ‘Mental Health Carers Workshop: The way Forward’ took place. The event brought together people of different backgrounds with different experiences to discuss how we can work together to make real change happen.

The reason for having this event was the recognition that despite policies, clinical guidelines, and evidence based interventions, relatives and carers of people with severe mental health problems still feel excluded from services and struggle to get the support they need.

We aimed to create a space for carers, relatives, friends, family and other stakeholders to discuss what is needed for real change to happen.

In the morning, we heard from a range of experts including carers, relatives, charities, clinicians and researchers who outlined innovative approaches from different areas.

In the afternoon there were interactive discussions which explored how we can make change happen in delivering policy, by using networks and organisations, doing research, using digital interventions, in the NHS and involvement and outcomes.

We finished the day with a panel discussion with some of our speakers from the morning, and then made pledges on what action we would take from this.

Programme and Summary Report

You may download our programme for the Mental Health Carers Workshop and a summary report of the day using the links below.

Mental Health Carers Workshop Programme - 09 July 2019

Mental Health Carers Workshop Summary Report

Presentations from the event

We are delighted that the speakers below gave permission for us to record their presentations. Click on any video to play them.

Jo Smith

How Well Are EIP Services in England Doing in Relation to Providing Carer Education and Family Intervention to Families?

Chris Lodge

Experiences of living with Psychosis in a caring environment

Alison Brabban

The Vision for Community Mental Health Provision: What does it mean for carers?

Philippa Lowe and Alex Kennedy

The third sector - services and campaigning for carers

Sonia Johnson

Implementing digital for carer and patient self-management in the NHS: What do we know, and what do we need to know next?

Naomi Fisher

Implementing Digital Health Interventions in mental health services: what we've learnt and what we are doing next

Sheena Foster

Once there was hope

Steve Jones and Sue Flowers

The REACT Supporter: Peer support in Research

Panel Discussion

Sheena Foster, Alison Brabban, Jo Smith, Steve Jones, Philippa Lowe, Naomi Fisher