The Heritage Language 2 Consortium (HL2C) is directed by Professor Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster), with Professor Cristina Flores (Minho) serving as Vice Director.

The Consortium’s Steering Committee is the main decision-making body of the Consortium. This committee has representatives from each partner institution and meets regularly to discuss and oversee the implementation of our objectives.

We also have an Advisory Board, which we use to discuss our overall strategy and future directions to take.

Our members and how to join:

The most important part of the HL2C is our community of students and scholars.

If you study or work at one of the HL2C partner institutions, you are a member by default. Welcome aboard! If you would like to get more involved, simply message the Steering Committee representative of your institution.

If your institution is not a signatory of the Memorandum that established the Consortium, you can still join us, but as an individual member. Please send a message to, and we will be in touch.

What departments are involved: