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At the ISS Innovation Hub, we're not just problem-solvers; we're pioneers in revolutionizing university experiences. Through a seamless blend of technology and creativity, we empower Lancaster University and it's community to thrive in the digital age.

From the iLancaster app, streamlining student life, to leveraging AR, VR, and AI to enhance learning and our community, we redefine what's possible. With a focus on collaboration and user-centric design, we transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring every voice is heard, and every need is met.

Join us in shaping university services and beyond in a digital age, one breakthrough at a time. To find out more click below.

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"It's time to step into a wonderful world of innovation"

IT Partnering & Innovation - The team developing iLancaster

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Here you can find our spotlight items for the week - what we are most currently working on / any changes we are making. To find out more about our current projects or previous completed projects, head to 'Our Creations' found below or stay updated by following our social platforms!

SCH Website

We are currently working alongside Lancashire's emotional health services to provide a Compassionate School Hub website. This platform will be designed to evaluate schools mental health approach, access resources and training, share best practices, and much more. It will also help schools earn the LEHSS Compassionate Schools Award, showing their dedication to mental health.

Commercial App

Our commercial app 'Connect-LU' is almost ready for launch! We are finalising the app to ensure it meets the highest standards. 'Connect-LU' provides seamless access to collaborative spaces within the HIC building, with features like desk booking and membership management. Get ready to experience the future of flexible workspaces!

Lancaster Music Festival

This October we will be taking part in Lancaster Music Festival. Powered by collaboration with Lancaster University's finest minds, we have been working on a set of VR experiences that promise to captivate, educate, and inspire. From an upgraded imagination cave to experiencing life with cochlear implants or even noises heard from the womb in the development process.

Improving iLancaster infrastructure

Speed = efficiency. Therefore, we are working on making improvements to the iLancaster infrastructure, making it quicker and more efficient for students.

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