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Meet the team

 We have some full time staff, and lots of part time staff. Scroll down to meet us all.

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Brian Green

Hi I'm Brian Green (Head of Innovation and Mobile Development), Lancaster University

I lead a multi-disciplined team of developers, creatives, marketers and dreamers which comprises of a core of full-time staff as well as a team of students. Using a true co-production approach, he oversees the delivery of innovative solutions including attendance, digital wayfinding, mobile phone applications, a campus voice skill.

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Abigail Wells

Hi I'm Abigail

I am the Assistant Project Manager for ITPI. I have worked at the University for a number of years in both Information Systems Services, with the Helpdesk and ITPI and Student and Education Services, with the Base. I work closely with the business to deliver innovative solutions such as Connect Lancaster, on Innovation projects and developing our mobile app iLancaster.

In my spare time, I can be found renovating our Victorian terrace with my husband or building dens in the garden with our little boy.

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Leah Stride

Hi I'm Leah, My two mian roles within the ITPI Team are a digital marketing apprentice, where I generate banners, graphics, demonstration and instruction videos or images to help promote and spread awareness, for the features our team build and how they function. As well as working with external teams and organisations to create marketing materials and campaigns to generate enagagement.

I also work as an administratve support assistant, monitoring support systems such as the help desk and any product feedback areas to ensure we assist with any comments users have for our products.

In my spare time find me spending time with friends, visiting the gym, walking in the lakes, traveling abroad and experiencing exciting new places. Or perhaps endlessly scrolling on social platforms...

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Aaron Cosgrove

Hi I'm Aaron.

I'm a Software development leader and architect with a demonstrated history of delivering innovative solutions in the higher education and health care industries. I have a passion for Domain Driven Design and Dev Ops and I am Skilled in architecting Serverless Event driven systems on AWS with a focus on C#, .Net Core and Mobile Development.

In my spare time, when not writing code, you can find me in the mountains Mountain Biking or Snowboarding and spending time with my amazing wife and kids.

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Anthony Humphreys

Hi I'm Anthony, I'm a Full-Stack developer and scrum coach specialising in mobile development. I work on iLancaster among many other projects. I also explore new technologies and see how we might use them within the team.

Outside of work, I am a keen F1 and rally fan, I also enjoy tinkering with home automation and contributing to Open Source projects including React Native. When I'm not coding I might be found playing keyboard or guitar to unwind, or you might find me in-game.

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Tom Coward

Hi, I'm Tom.

If anybody official asks, I'm a Full Stack Developer but my main interest is in backend development, primarily using C#/.NET. I work on our microservice APIs for the team alongside studying Computer Science at the University. I have a particular interest in architecture and working with varying design patterns.

Outside work I spend my time on several side projects and am a keen supporter of Everton. I'm not good enough to play, but I also enjoy music too.

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Jack Harris

Hello I'm Jack, a software developer for ISS innovation. I have a passion for Linux and run a home lab that contains 4 Raspberry Pi's. I have previously worked on computer visions projects detecting safety issues and accessibility needs of passengers on station platforms, to push innovation in the rail industry.

Apart from software I also enjoy mountaineering, running, climbing and holidays in the Scottish highlands!