American Proxy Wars: Korea and Vietnam - database trial

Korean woman and child in front of American tank,  1951

American Proxy Wars: Korea and Vietnam comprises original sources covering Cold War politics, East-West relations, colonial history and more, to help researchers understand the Korean and Vietnam wars and their influence on 20th-century geopolitics. 

The unique digitized primary material taken from CIA archives includes government-level analysis, eyewitness accounts and international media reports translated into English.

Covering 1946-1975, this database contains radio broadcasts, periodicals, newspapers, and government documents from around the world. Researchers can trace the roots of the Korean and Vietnam wars and find new insight into pivotal moments of the wars themselves.

The trial to American Proxy Wars: Korea and Vietnam is available for Lancaster University students and staff till 30 December 2019. Off-campus users can use the Lancaster University VPN to access the database. 

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