Campus in the city

An image of a postcard made as part of campus in the city.

We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who attend the Library’s contribution to the campus in the city event between 11th-13th April in Morecambe & Lancaster. Library staff interacted with over 300 people over the three days.

There were two activities organised by the Library:

  • At the Open Access Escape Room, hosted by our Open Research team, visitors could try to solve tricky puzzles against the clock while learning about what open access is! The activity gamified the concept of Open Access with an “escape room in a box” offering different types of puzzles and a gamemaster to give some clues they got stuck!
  • At Exploring Seaside Memories, hosted by our Teaching and Engagement team, gave visitors an insight into our offer for the local community. The public explored our collections and the stories they tell about the local region, as well as learn about our Community Card. The activity also featured the launch of our Jukebox: emblem of youth in post-war Britain, a project developed with local charity Mirador Arts which focuses on the boom in youth culture which followed the introduction of the jukebox to the UK in the 1950s.

Here are a few examples of postcards created by ‘children’ of all ages during our Exploring Seaside Memories activity inspired by the Edwardian Postcard collection held in our Special Collections and Archives.

An image of a postcard created as part of campus in the city

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