Lancaster University Library has Lean Library!

Lancaster university logo, central plus sign and Lean library logo

What is Lean Library?

It is a Browser Plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari that connects you with full-text articles, eBooks and databases that the Library subscribes to. It will run in the background, providing direct links to Lancaster University and Open Access resources wherever possible.

What else can it do?

On key websites, it can provide direct links to library guidance, allow you to chat with library staff, and it ‘enhances’ Wikipedia and Google Scholar with full-text downloads, journal alerts and extra features. And on Amazon, when browsing for books it will tell you if we have an eBook available in our collection, saving you time and money.

But I already use Paper Panda or Unpaywall?

Lean Library has similar functionality and will identify resources in open access sources; however, it also can find papers that you can access only through Lancaster University, ensuring papers are downloaded from reputable sources. Give it a try, and it might be the only browser plugin you need!

Do I need to log in via the VPN?

Lean Library works without VPN access, although It will need to activate less on campus and via the VPN, as full-text is provided automatically when you access from a ‘University Address’.

How do install it?

Go to or search ‘Lean Library’ using any search engine.

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