Manchester Studies in Imperialism

map of the world showing the extent of the British Empire in 1901

A new Library ebook collection of 156 titles.

Manchester Studies in Imperialism explores new and previously neglected subjects and focuses attention on the relationships between them. It delivers a rich source of scholarship on:

  • propaganda, social control and migration
  • cultural encounters between the coloniser and colonised
  • the circulation of power through the production and organisation of colonial knowledge
  • construction of identity both at the heart and on the margins of empire.

The series offers a full spectrum of cultural phenomena, propaganda, social control and migration, as well as examining aspects of gender and sex, frontiers and law, science and the environment, language and literature, migration and patriotic societies.

The content is:

  • Edited and authored by leading figures in the field, guaranteeing quality and robustness
  • Updated annually with new, high quality content, allowing readers access to the latest research in imperial history
  • An easy to use teaching resource, enabling readers to explore and engage with a full spectrum of imperialist theories and studies
  • A single, easy-to-navigate database for studying imperial histories, bringing together a wide range of topics in one easy to use resource

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