O'Reilly for Higher Education

Library bookshelves and students

The Library and ISS have collaborated to provide access to O'Reilly for Higher Education.

This database includes more than 38,000 critical tech and business ebooks, ranging in scope from programming, IT networkiing and project management, to graphic design and business strategy.

Content includes code snippets, certification preparation materials, practice exercises, training videos and much more. Users can search thousands of books simultaneously, saving time and quickly finding the information they need.

Much more than books

O’Reilly also includes more than 30K hours of video, proven learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials, audio books, and videos from O’Reilly’s global conferences and 250 of the world’s best publishers.

You’ll find content from former US chief data scientist DJ Patil, former vice chair of General Electric Beth Comstock, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, and Google director of research Peter Norvig. Plus, the online learning combines O’Reilly-crafted content with the best from providers like Harvard Business Review, Pearson, and Packt, so you can get all the knowledge you need to succeed, all in one place.

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Accessing O'Reilly

You can access this resource from the A-Z database list or from this direct link to O'Reilly for Higher Education.

You will be asked to create an account with your Lancaster email, and to set up a password. This will create a personal account which will enable you to use the O'Reilly app for off-line reading. Learn more about the O'Reilly app for Apple and Android.

If you have any comments or questions, email the Faculty Librarian Team.

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