About the project

The overarching strategic objective of the RESPOND-OR project is the development and implementation of novel mathematical models to capture the complexity, dynamic, and uncertainty characteristics of disaster preparedness and response decisions, along with efficient hyper heuristic algorithms to enable the efficient, effective, and equitable allocation of disaster preparedness and response resources.

The cutting-edge mathematical models and solution algorithms will underpin the development of a Decision Support System (DSS) for disaster preparedness and response in Indonesia and Sudan. In Indonesia, a natural disaster may trigger another natural disaster, either simultaneously or in a sequential order. In addition, the disaster response in Indonesia needs to take into consideration the archipelago structure of the country. In Sudan, the prevalent disaster, which is flooding may trigger a health emergency that requires simultaneous consideration. Although, our research is motivated by disaster preparedness and response situations frequently arising in Indonesia and Sudan, the mathematical models and solution methods will be generalizable to address similar types of problems arising in other developing and developed countries.


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