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Research is at the heart of our success, and has the power to transform lives.

Charles Carter

Research Culture

Lancaster University Management School is a collegial, multidisciplinary and innovative management research institution. We aspire to be world-leading in all our research activities by developing, recruiting and retaining world-leading researchers. We embed research into every aspect of our activities and through this, achieve significant impact for all our stakeholders.

LUMS has built a 20-year reputation for research of exceptional quality as attested to by our performance in the RAE/REF since 1996. The School’s long-term commitment to developing research of the highest quality has encouraged a research culture with four distinctive features:

  • Deeply embedded: all core activities are research-led
  • Theoretically informed: LUMS is widely recognised for theoretical innovations
  • Distinctly multi/interdisciplinary
  • Collegial in a significant and tangible way

Resourcing academic career development

LUMS has developed organisational processes to ensure that academic staff have the time, resources, organisational support and collegial environment necessary to undertake research of excellent quality such as significant dedicated research time, targeted resources and incentives, and excellent research support both locally and centrally.

Research within LUMS is led by our Associate Dean for Research, Professor Katy Mason, and our dedicated team of research colleagues.

Research Power

The latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) results in 2014 demonstrated that Lancaster University Management School is the most research intensive business school in the UK. We have built a 20-year reputation for research excellence through our performance in this measure since 1996.

Shaping the next generation of researchers

Fundamental to our research culture at LUMS is an active and embedded PhD programme. Excellence in supervision, training and support of research students is at the centre of our focus. Research students are located in our academic departments and are an integral part of the research environment in LUMS.


LUMS Building

"What's exciting about Lancaster is that it encourages interdisciplinary and cross-field research. This enables us to sometimes take more innovative approaches and do something a little different to the mainstream."

Professor Katy Mason, Associate Dean for Research

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