Get help finding a flatmate for next academic year

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There is plenty of time to find flatmates for next year. If you feel like you need a little help to get started let us help you to Find a Flatmate. 

The Transitions Team are running our annual Housing Workshops. This year there will be three components to support you to find someone to live with next academic year.

  • Online Teams Channel - this dedicated online space gives you the opportunity to connect with other students who are looking for housemates in 2022/23. There are a range of subchannels themed around different lifestyles such as early birds and night owls, extroverts and introverts, mess makers and spic-and-span.  
  • Online Matching Service - complete our online matching form and Transitions Staff will put you in touch with other students who have similar lifestyles and interests to you. 
  • In-person Social Events - We will have three in-person social opportunities to give you the opportunity to connect with other students. These events will take place in weeks 8 (Tuesday 30/11/21), 10 (Tuesday 14/12/21) and 12 (Thursday 26/01/22) and you can register via the Teams Channel. 

Students often feel a lot of pressure to find someone to live with next academic year. Please don't worry about this, and don't let landlords pressure you, there is plenty of time.

Our colleagues in LU Homes are also delivering some informative events, and you can find out more about LU Homes here.

Join the Teams Channel here.

Complete the online matching form here. 

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