Nine Colleges Bake Off

photos of Danish pastries in the background. Light orange circle in the foreground containing the words 'Nine Colleges & LU Baking Society Present...9 Colleges Bake Off!

Calling all budding bakers... 

The Nine Colleges are collaborating with the LU Baking Society to bring you a brand new intercollegiate competition. Participation attracts 10 Lancaster Award points, cash prizes and personalised wooden spoons! You must work independently in the first stage of the competition and if your creation impresses our panel of Baking Society judges, you will have the chance to work with others as part of a college team. 

Read on for more information... 

Stage 1: Individual Round - work independently on a baking creation that represents your college. Send photos* of your masterpiece to the Baking Society (  by Friday 5th February. Basic recipes plus hints and tips will be shared in a 9 College Baking Competition Teams. The Baking Society will shortlist and entrants will be informed if they have made it through to Stage 2: Teams Round 


Stage 2: Teams Round - work with others in your college team on a baking creation with the theme of 'University Mental Health Day'. Work together and share ideas on the Teams site. Extra points will be awarded to teams who demonstrate a variety of baking methods. Teams must submit a design brief by Friday 26th February and final photos by Friday 5th March.  


If you'd like to take part, email  

*Photos for stage one must include: 1) ingredients laid out 2) final product 3) inside of the product 

**Photos for stage two must include: 1) Design brief 2) recipe (if using) 3) ingredients laid out 4) baking in action 5) final product 6) inside of product 

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