Summer vacation college events

Sea shells on sand with 'Summer fun! Vacation events and activities' in brown lettering.

Join our summer vacation events for our students staying on campus or in Lancaster over the summer vacation period. These are a great way to meet others and have some fun. All of the events are free to attend apart from the Lake District trip, though registration is required for some so we can ensure we have enough materials and snacks.

  • Moving In Day - 10am-3pm, Monday 8th July. Head down to Pendle Rooms, relax and enjoy some free snacks and drinks until your room becomes available. We will have Board games and Mario Kart competition!
  • Woodland Walk - 2pm 25th July Meet outside Pendle bar. Wear comfortable shoes for a 30 minute walk around campus. If it is raining we will hold an alternative event in the bar
  • Olympics Opening Ceremony - 26th July at 6pm in Fylde bar. Watch the Olympics opening ceremony on a big screen. Drinks and snacks will be available for sale if you want to purchase one.
  • Crafting Event - 2pm 8th August in Pendle Brew
  • Day Trip to Windermere - 15th August. This trip costs just £5 per person. Please register via the Online Store.
  • Board Game Marathon - 23rd August at 2pm in County Corner (County College)
  • Afternoon Film 6th Sept at 2pm. Free popcorn. Pendle bar - watch a hit film on the big screen
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