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PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team

The PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia is in collaboration with Sunway University (SU).

The PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia aims at guiding post-consumer packaging organisations on consumer attitudes and discarded plastic packaging by identifying drivers, barriers and opportunities for alternative plastic packaging (reusable, recyclable or compostable), effective recycling, and further investment in material recapture.

Sunway University

Professor Yuka Fujimoto

Yuka is a Professor and Associate Dean (Research) at the Sunway University Business School, Kuala Lumpur. She researches and consults in the area of inclusion and diversity in fostering inclusive workplaces as well as supporting businesses in addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She works toward the idea that businesses can be a central engine to address planetary challenges, such as inequality, environmental degradation. Her current research projects look at inclusive MNCs to reduce inequalities, plastic recycling, and environmental CSR.

Yuka is the Co-Investigator for the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team.

Yuka Fujimoto
Professor Yuka Fujimoto

Associate Professor Dr Pei Boon Ooi

Dr Ooi is the Associate Professor, Department of Medical & Life Sciences at Sunway University. She is also currently the Head of Department overseeing the implementation of Malaysia compulsory subjects, namely the Community Service for Planetary Health, Sustainable Development in Malaysia and Entrepreneurship Mindset and Skills, delivered via the hybrid method across the university. She is trained to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a certified counsellor with the Board of Counsellor Malaysia. Her research focuses on cyberbullying, mental health and wellbeing, student experience as well as knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) in health behaviours and intervention programmes. Pei Boon is the principal investigator of the Malaysia Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) whose focus is on the cyberbullying incidents among visually impaired youths in Malaysia as well as the Sunway Medical Hospital Clinical Grants focus on health and wellbeing of the vulnerable community.

Pei Boon is the Co-Investigator for the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team.

Pei Boon Ooi

Associate Professor Dr Jane Gew Lai Ti

Jane is an associate professor at Sunway University School of Medical and Life Sciences. Dr Jane Gew earned her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Malaya, Malaysia.

She is actively involved in research activities that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by using and developing new green and safe alternative processes and chemicals. She is also passionate and committed to understanding and addressing plastic pollution issues to achieve a sustainable world through policy and social structure change. One of the highlights of her research career was the discovery of microplastics in edible sea salt in 2019. In her line of research and study, Dr Gew has published research papers in prominent research journals and has demonstrated her commitment and dedication which are evident through her work with numerous research partners and grants.

Jane is the Co-Investigator for the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team.

Jane Gew Lai Ti

Dr Lenka Brunclikova

Lenka is a Research Associate on the Plastic Packing in People’s Lives (PPiPL) research project. Growing up in socialist Czechoslovakia, she experienced her childhood without any plastic packaging and PET bottles, hence she is very excited to be part of PPiPL. She graduated from the Department of Anthropology, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, where she conducted a 4-year research on the social dimension of household waste combining garbology and ethnography. Her research interests include human and waste interaction, informal economic models, local schemes of self-sufficiency and dealing with climate change challenges, and migrant workers’ strategies during the Brexit transition.

Outside of academia, she participates in the South Lakes Action on Climate Change, Kendal, where she volunteers at the Waste into Wellbeing project. She is keen on hiking, especially long-distance trails, photography, and learning new things.

Lenka is the Co-Investigator for the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team.

Lenka Brunclikova

Audrey Lee Sin Hui

Audrey is a student from the School of Hospitality and Service Management at Sunway University. She started her diploma program in Hotel Management with Sunway University in 2018 and pursued her degree program in International Hospitality Management in 2020. Recently, she just finished her last semester of the degree program and graduated. During her study time at Sunway University, she has worked on and experienced two research projects, including qualitative and quantitative papers. Furthermore, she would like to gain in-depth knowledge on waste management and how it works by joining this research. Outside of academia, she is keen on photography and exploring new cafes and places around the city.

Audrey is the Research Assistant for the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team.

Audrey Lee Sin Hui
Audrey Lee Sin Hui

Denesh Aruljothi (to 30th March 2023)

Denesh Aruljothi is a research assistant for Plastic Packaging in People’s Lives (PPiPL) research project. Denesh is doing his BA in Accounting and Finance in a dual program under Sunway University and Lancaster University. He joined the research program to get a better understanding of how recyclable products are being managed in Malaysia and to find out what steps could be taken in order to further improve recycling in Malaysia.

Denesh is a Research Assistant for the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team.

Denesh Aruljothi

Maria Faruq

Maria is a Translation Assistant on the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team. She is a graduate from HELP University with a degree in Human Resource Management, she is passionate about people and their wellbeing in the workplace. Maria is pursuing her Master's in Human Resource Management at Sunway University. One of her core values is environmental consciousness, and she believes in taking proactive steps towards sustainability.

Maria Faruq
Maria Faruq smiling at the camera.

Ren Wen Lew

Ren Wen is a Research Assistant on the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team. She’s a graduate Degree in Psychology, from Sunway University, Malaysia. Her research interests are environmental and human development. She has been working as a research assistant for a year assisting in a few projects, such as the Future Cities Research Institute (FCRI)’s project, a study on cyberbullying among the visually impaired, etc. By working under Future Cities Research Institute (FCRI), she gets to know in-depth about the knowledge level, attitude, and practices of Malaysian towards urban littering. Hence, she’s looking forward to researching more on the usage of plastic packaging among Malaysians.

Ren Wen Lew
Ren Wen Lew

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany is Research Assistant on the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia - SU Team. She is a Malaysian undergraduate from Taylor's University with a background in Public Relations and Marketing. Having been exposed to corporate marketing, she has seen how much plastic is used in commercial packaging, and how much waste is generated through production. Hence, she joined the PPiPL project in hopes of understanding the social aspect of waste management and how to create a sustainable, zero-waste future.

Tiffany Chan

Tinahar Tiagarajan

Tinahar graduated from the Department of Business Analytics, Sunway University, Malaysia. He has always been passionate about recycling, and he is eager to learn more by supporting the PPiPL Pilot Project Malaysia as a Research Assistant at SU Team. His interests are in his studies and he likes playing video games, reading fictional books, watching movies, and hiking in his spare time.

Tinahar Tiagarajan