A montage of 9 individual photos of people all holding some plastic packaging

Plastic Free July

The PPiPL team are taking part in the plastic-free July challenge. Find out more about the challenge and follow their progress.

Plastic bottles and tins

We're going 'plastic packaging free'

Ever thought about going Plastic Free and what this means? The single-use plastic crisis is all over the media and being brought to the public consciousness. The abundance of plastic packaging is a major global issue, and the damage to society and the environment cannot be ignored.

As a team of nine interdisciplinary researchers at Lancaster University, we are looking at how plastic food packaging is embedded in people's everyday lives. Our research project takes a deep look at all aspects of the plastic food packaging chain, to devise ways of shifting attitudes towards and behaviours around plastic food packaging.

Inspired by the Plastic Free July global movement, we have decided to challenge ourselves and go ‘plastic food packaging free' for a month.

Throughout July 2022, we are planning to focus on our food consumption, and avoid all unnecessary single-use plastics (bags, bottles, straws, utensils, containers), and share our experiences, insights, and challenges with you! We are all at different stages in our relationship with plastic packaging, so this is going to be quite a challenge.

Find out more about our plastic-free initiative and have a look at our weekly visual diaries sharing our experiences.

You can also share your experiences and any hints or with us on our PPiPL Twitter account and become part of the solution to plastic waste!

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