PPiPL Resources

Resources from our research in UK and Malaysia

  • Special Issue: Enabling Research in Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging

    A special issue run by our researchers that gathers a set of papers to highlight some of the challenges and opportunities in implementing solutions to support a circular economy for plastics

  • Event Blog: The Future of Recycling

    Our Co-PI Dr Alison Stowell reflects upon the future of recycling and possible challenges regarding the elimination of ‘avoidable’ plastic packaging waste

  • Video - LUMS Sustainability Research

    Find out how PPiPL works with packaging manufacturers and retailers can help improve consumer behaviour towards plastics

  • PPiPL Project: 'Sort, Wash and Squash' - LUMS research agenda

    LUMS supports and incentivises impact projects that mobilise diverse stakeholders, such as policymakers, civic society and academia. The PPiPL project is a recent and relevant example of LUMS’ commitment and impact agenda - watch the video to find out more!

  • PPiPL Knowledge Exchange Event 2021

    Read about the PPiPL's first Knowledge Exchange Event, "Responsibility and Plastic Packaging: Exploring the issues for the packaging supply chain"

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