Superconducting quantum circuits

Our research is focused on the creation, manipulation and measurement of quantum states in solid-state systems. This requires control at the level of a single charge, single flux quantum, single photon and single phonon. Superconductors are one natural material choice for building such devices.

Quantum technologies at ultra-low temperatures

Lancaster has a worldwide reputation for providing these low temperature environments with advanced cryogenic engineering, and has accompanying expertise in ultra-sensitive measurement techniques and the development of specialised instrumentation.

Semiconductor nanostructures and quantum devices

Our research focusses on the self-assembled and site-controlled epitaxial growth of new semiconductor nanostructures and their application in quantum devices including novel LEDs, lasers and photodetectors.

Quantum nanomechanics

Quantum Nanomechanics explores nanoscale mechanical systems that operate in the regime where laws of quantum mechanics dominate their behaviour. 

Quantum information

Our research group focuses on developing novel solutions to the practical application of quantum information systems, by combining the growth of semiconductor nanostructures with nano-scale device processing, and novel optoelectronic control and measurement schemes.

Quantum technologies with 2D materials

Our research is primarily focused on the fabrication and transport properties of the encapsulated ultra-high mobility graphene devices and the graphene superlattices (including investigation of the Hofstadter butterfly in extremely high magnetic fields).

Theory and modelling

Lancaster ‘s renowned Condensed Matter Theory group employs quantum-mechanical methods to uncover novel phenomena and working principles in low-dimensional systems and devices, as has extensive expertise in determining the characteristics of novel and artificial materials.

Theory and modelling