Quantum technologies with 2D materials

Combining graphene with other two-dimensional materials, such as transition metal dichalcogenides (MoS2, WSe2, etc.) allows creation of the multilayer structures with a huge potential for applications and studying new physics.

Our research is primarily focused on the fabrication and transport properties of the encapsulated ultra-high mobility graphene devices and the graphene superlattices (including investigation of the Hofstadter butterfly in extremely high magnetic fields). We also study the double-layer structures with unprecedentedly small (down to 1 nm) separation between graphene layers, which allows probing of the electron-electron interaction in a strong coupling regime. Another area of interest is a new type of tunnelling field transistors fabricated by stacking several 2D materials for fast and low power electronics.

Our research is carried out in collaboration with National Graphene Institute and the theory group led by Prof. V. Falko. 

Theme contacts

  • Dr Leonid Ponomarenko