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Global Futures – Post-truth and beyond


Tuesday 28 March 2017, 4pm – 6pm in LECC Training Rooms 1 & 2

The next in a series of Global Futures events ‘exploring burning questions for global society’:

Post-truth and beyond

It is hard to avoid debate about ‘post truth’ language in the popular media, political debate, and even in policymaking. While the manipulation of public opinion for personal and political aims has a very long history and science itself has always advanced by challenging previous findings, many have expressed a view that a new ‘line in the sand’ has been crossed.

Where did post-truth come from? What are the consequences and options going forwards? What can people, universities and other institutions do? This event will explore with a view to practical insights.


Introduction: Mike Berners-Lee

4 x 10 minute talks:

Prof. Nick Dunn, LICA and ISF, Lancaster University

Prof. Simon Batterbury Lancaster Environment Centre

Dr. Amber Leeson Lancaster Environment Centre

Rebecca Willis Lancaster Environment Centre


Followed by a lively discussion of the drivers, consequences and, most all, responses to post-truth.

For those who want to, we will regroup, glass in hand, to discuss what all this means for us personally and our institutions, including the University.

The event will bring together people from across the University, Lancaster city and the local area, so that the question can be explored from fresh angles in a lively but relaxed setting.

We look forward to seeing you there. For catering purposes please let us know if you will be attending the event by emailing researchinstitutes@lancaster.ac.uk

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