What is the future of education? Podcast

Conversations with global practitioners and scholars in different domains of sciences, arts and humanities, about education futures. Presented to you by the social futures team of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Educational Research at Lancaster University, UK. With our guest speakers, we consider how their work links to education futures, providing examples of artefacts and projects to situate possible futures for education. If you are working, managing or researching in any area of education, social futures or futures thinking, this podcast would be of interest to you. Creative director: Dr Nataša Lacković, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of Educational Research and Director of Research Engagement, Lancaster University.

  • Episode 4: Co-creating future education with youth, community and creative arts

    In this episode, Felipe Sánchez and Natalie Morrell, Artistic Director of The Knotted Project, talk about the future of youth education through greater engagement in creative arts and especially theatre. Disrupting formal modes of schooling, Natalie offers some insights from The Knotted Project for how education could be reshaped by introducing artistic and theatrical practices to foster young people holistic development.

  • Episode 5: Navigating the Shift: Education and the Digital Age.

    In this episode, Felipe Sánchez speaks with Professor Kristian Bankov about the future of education, building on his book, "The Digital Mind", reflecting on the impact of digital culture on education and what that means for our thinking and communication. Kristian highlights the general shift from a text-based culture to a culture of navigation driven by interactive digital technology.

  • Episode 6: Desiring Otherwise: Discussing the Near Future Teaching project for transforming Higher Education.

    In this episode, Felipe Sánchez talks with Professor Siân Bayne, director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. They discuss about the "Near Future Teaching" project, which aimed to develop a vision for the future of digital education at the university. The project took a values-based approach, focusing on diversity, justice, and the centrality of community.

  • Episode 7: Decoding Semiotics: Crafting the Future of Education

    In this episode, Norah Amer delves into the captivating realm of semiotics alongside esteemed scholar Professor Massimo Leone. Our conversation unveils the profound interplay between semiotics and education, shedding light on how signs and symbols can elevate learning experiences, reshape pedagogy, and foster inclusivity.

  • Episode 8: Developing education via storytelling/listening, speculative fiction and narrative futures

    In this episode, Norah Amer delves into the world of education futures with Professor Sarah Dillon. The conversation explores insights drawn from Professor Dillon's extensive research and experiences, focusing on the power of storytelling and storylistening, speculative fiction and imagining education through stories and narrative futures. If Sarah had a magic wand to influence the future of education, what would she do?