The GREAT Project

The "Gridding Equitable Urban Futures in Areas of Transition" (GREAT) project addresses the infrastructural challenges by focusing in off-grid settlements in Colombia and Cuba.

  • The GREAT Project

    Through partnerships and community engagement, GREAT aims to revolutionize transport and waste management, fostering equitable urban futures. By involving diverse expertise and embedding residents' voices, it targets key Sustainable Development Goals. The project's outcomes will inform policy initiatives like Territories of Inclusion and Opportunities, impacting residents' livelihoods and providing insights applicable across the region.

  • The PopuLab

    The Laboratory of Popular Neighbourhoods (The PopuLab) is not a traditional laboratory, nor part of a building or a classroom initiative. Rather, it is a place of thinking and practice around the meaning of citizenship which brings together people from ‘popular neighbourhoods’ (informal settlements), local authorities, and academia in Cali, the third largest city of Colombia.

  • The City Off the Map

    An innovative digital video installation that combines model representations of the community’s houses with documentary footage and interviews with the people who live at the heart of some of Cali’s informal settlements. Through their stories, you will discover how residents cope with life in a place that is not recognised by official maps or authorities.