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Technology Futures


The next in a series of Global Futures events ‘exploring burning questions for global society’:
Technology Futures
Tuesday 13th June 2017, 4pm-6pm+ in LEC Training Rooms 1 & 2
Technology, and in particular digital technology, is having a massive impact on every aspect of society and on our environment. It is therefore important, in considering global futures, to address the role of technology in shaping our future. Is technology part of the solution or indeed is it a core part of the problem? Or is it inevitably more nuanced than that? How do we imagine or shape technology so that it becomes aligned with the more sustainable future that we all seek? At this event, we will address these crucial questions from a range of disciplinary perspectives.


4 x 10 minute talks by:
Bran Knowles, Data Science Institute, Lancaster University

Gordon Blair, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University

Richard Tutton, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University
Maria Angela Ferrario, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University

Followed by open discussion, wine and nibbles.
For those who want to, we will regroup, glass in hand, to discuss what all this means for us personally and our institutions, including the University. The event will bring together people from across the University, Lancaster city and the local area, so that the question can be explored from fresh angles in a lively but relaxed setting. We look forward to seeing you there. For catering purposes please let us know if you will be attending the event by emailing isf@lancaster.ac.uk

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