Lancaster’s interdisciplinary social futures work highlighted in high-level US-UK speaker series

black and white world map with connecting light strands

Professor Rebecca Braun, Co-Director of the Institute for Social Futures, has contributed to an online expert futures panel hosted by the US Department of Defense. Together with Andrew Curry (School of International Futures) and Philip Tovey (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, UK Government), she helped professionals from across the US Department of Defense, the UK Ministry of Defence, and further interested individuals from US and UK businesses, the third sector, and academe investigate how to grasp and deal with the second- and third-order effects of a global crisis such as Covid-19. A full recording of the webinar together with a short written report can be accessed here. All three panellists presented different ways of thinking about time and causality, with a particular focus on creative thinking and unconventional, interdisciplinary practices that can open things up in a way that traditional foresight methods do not. Discussion focused on how the behaviour and mindsets of individual people, institutions, and societies as a whole should be factored in to different ways of modelling, anticipating, and acting on diverse social and planetary futures.

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