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Continuing Professional Development

For social work practitioners

We provide a variety of learning opportunities for qualified social workers, including post-graduate certificates, conferences, seminars and learning hubs . Our courses enable practitioners to evidence their continuing professional development, develop their skills in critically reflexive practice and keep up to date with developments in policy and practice nationally and internationally.

Courses are delivered by people who are leaders in their fields, conducting research about contemporary issues in social work or engaged in new developments in social work practice themselves.

Postgraduate Certificates

In autumn 2019 we will be launching several new postgraduate programmes for social work practitioners. For further information, or to register your interest in a programme please contact Rachel Verrall. We are able to enrol individuals or groups of employees funded by Local Authorities.

These programmes are designed to be accessible to people in full-time work, including people who live some distance from Lancaster. Students would complete three modules, each taught intensively in one day workshops and supported by online materials and tutorial input. Course have a maximum number of 20 participants and there is an emphasis on small group learning and individual contact with tutors.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Child Protection

    Piloted in 2018 this certificate is suitable for experienced practitioners  working within child services, this scheme will enable practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skills in child protection practice, with a particular emphasis on analysis and decision-making, care planning and safeguarding teenagers. The certificate comprises of three practise focused modules ‘Assessment and Decision making’, ‘Infants, Young Children, Care’ and ‘Risk in Adolescence; Safeguarding Concerns’

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Practice with People with Learning Disabilities

    This postgraduate certificate builds on the learning from the Department of Health's Named Social Worker Pilot to provide an opportunity for advanced continued professional development for experienced social workers and other aligned workers in health, education, social welfare and criminal justice. The certificate comprises three practice-focused modules 'Enabling Risk and Upholding Rights', 'Case-Based Reasoning' and 'Practicing in Partnership with People with Learning Disabilities'.

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Adult Safeguarding

    The purpose of this postgraduate certificate is to promote learning and improve practice in adult safeguarding through an evidence and values informed, practice-focused programme.   It provides newly qualified and experienced practitioners with the opportunity to demonstrate understanding and attainment of the relevant sections of Knowledge and Skills Statement for Social Workers in Adult Services, Social worker/Experienced social worker levels of the PCF and the Staff Group B standards of the National Competency Framework for Safeguarding Adults. The certificate comprises thee practice-focused modules ‘Rights-Based Practice’, ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ and ‘Learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews’.

  • CPD Certificate of achievement in Practice Education

    This 20 credit postgraduate module is an opportunity for social workers who have successfully completed their stage 1 Practice Educator training and want to progress to stage 2.

    We are currently developing additional modules that can contribute towards a postgraduate diploma (120 credits) or Masters in Advanced Social Work. For more information, contact Hannah Morgan.

Other CPD Opportunities

Alongside the Postgraduate Certificates we also offer a range of CPD opportunities including stage 1 Practice Educator training and one-off events, seminars and conferences. For example in 2017 we hosted the Better Social Work conference to disseminate findings from the first stage of the Department of Health Named Social Worker and in 2018 ‘Tackling Violence Against Disabled Women and Girls’ disseminating findings from our DRILL funded research project.

Please contact Rachel Verrall for further information.