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Clearing and Adjustment 2020

What is Clearing?

You can apply for a course through Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places.

You can use Clearing if:

  • you’re applying after 30 June
  • you didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • you didn’t meet the conditions of your offers

If you are waiting for results and want to prepare, read our Tips for Clearing, and have a look at the What is Clearing? page from UCAS.

When does Clearing open?

Clearing opens for 2020 entry on 6 July

What is Adjustment?

If you've met and exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm choice, you can choose to go through Adjustment to reconsider where and what you wish to study. You can keep your original unconditional firm offer while making enquiries with other providers.

When does Adjustment open?

Adjustment for 2020 entry opens on 13 August

Find out more about the UCAS Adjustment service.

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