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Scholarships and Bursaries

At Lancaster, we are investing in the future of our students by enabling access to a world-class education. We believe that funding concerns should not stop any student with the talent to thrive.

Available scholarships

At a glance

SchemeUndergraduate studentsPostgraduate taught studentsHome studentsInternational studentsBased onAmount
Lancaster University Scholarship Entry grades Up to £3,000 in your first year, and £1,000 in each subsequent year
Lancaster EU Transition Scholarship Entry grades £7,000 per year of study
Alumni Loyalty Scholarship Entry grades Up to 20% off fees
Lancaster University Bursary Household income £1,000 per year of study
Lancaster Sanctuary Bursary Refugee/humanitarian protection status £2,000 per year of study

The Lancaster EU Transition Scholarship

Lancaster University has announced a scholarship of £7,000 per year of study for international fee-paying students from the European Union who begin their studies in 2021. Our EU Transition Scholarships are for both undergraduate and postgraduate taught study. You will qualify automatically for this scholarship if you have the right grades, are classed as an 'overseas' or ‘international-fee paying’ student for tuition fee purposes and a permanent resident and national of an EU country.

Lancaster EU Transition Scholarship

Questions about scholarships and bursaries?

Our admissions team can help with questions about scholarships and bursaries as well as other general enquiries about applying to Lancaster University.

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