Pendle College

"I joined Pendle and it was ‘welcome to the family’ right from the start!"

Pendle College has a strong sense of both its traditions and academic successes. Its main residence blocks surround three sides of a grassy quad, used for such annual open-air events as Extrav Night. Its social centre, Pendle Rooms, creates the fourth side, conveniently integrating all aspects of college life. The large ground floor, complete with a performance stage, hosts weekly Pendle Live nights, lunchtime talks and debates and a wide range of student-organised events. There is also a first-floor games room, communal sitting/study room, and meeting rooms.

We're sociable, friendly and fun, but we also have a strong sense of commitment - to the College, to your degree, and to making a contribution locally, nationally and internationally, where we believe we should make a difference and do so because we can.

If you’re the sort of student who likes to be involved, Pendle’s where you belong!