Rouen Cath Hero

Ruskin’s Perspectives: The Art of Abstraction

Explore Lancaster University’s Ruskin Whitehouse Collection exhibited in London and the Lake District.

22 July – 25 September 2022, Blue Gallery, Brantwood

Ruskin was fascinated by form and pattern, proportion and symmetry, in the world around us. He used the processes of abstraction to communicate his thoughts through the composition of his works: spheres, cones, crystals, planes and spirals.

This exhibition draws on a cultural history of maths to explore nineteenth century scientific ideas about the relationship of things and their properties to each other.

John Ruskin in the Age of Science

This exhibition is part of the series John Ruskin in the Age of Science. John Ruskin (1819-1900) lived in an era of rapid scientific progress that shaped modern Britain. Curated by Sandra Kemp (The Ruskin), with Keith Moore (the Royal Society) and Howard Hull (Brantwood), the exhibitions place Ruskin alongside his nineteenth century scientific contemporaries, exploring his influence on science and society, in his time and our own.