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Our community of entrepreneurial learners is bigger and more diverse than ever, comprising students, researchers, alumni, innovators and business founders from every part of the University and beyond.

Every entrepreneurial journey is different. They have different starting points and different destinations, different waypoints and travelling companions, accommodating different approaches, values and priorities. For this reason, we know there is no single correct path that everyone can follow and definitely no map to help show the way.

For all of these reasons, we believe in the power of social learning; tapping into the practical and authentic skills, know-how and experience that is most relevant for you from people who are on their own entrepreneurial journeys and keen to learn from you about yours.

Membership of the Work in Progress entrepreneurial community of practice can provide this, as well as ensuring you're the first to hear about news, opportunities, funding and resources from a wide range of sources and international networks.

Of course, to unlock the real value of your membership, you'll want to give back or pay forward, being as willing to share what you know as you are to draw on the knowledge of others. But don't panic. With our facilitation, we'll always look for the easiest and most effective ways for you to make these contributions, be it through forum posts and interactions, 1-2-1 chats and meetings, membership of Action Learning Sets, participation in Q&A panels, story-telling session and peer sharing events, or submitting case studies for our website, like the ones below.

The more everyone chips in, even just a little, the more dynamic and rewarding it is for all concerned. You just never know when the people you know might provide exactly the right stepping stone to help you along your way!

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