Booking Work in Progress

Our Studio on Alexandra Square in the heart of campus is ideal for runnning creative processes, networking events and interactive activities.

Exterior view of Work in Progress on Alex Square

Please note that, due to flooding, the Work in Progress Studio is out of use for the foreseeable future.

Space is the body language of an organisation

Our facilities in the heart of campus are ideal for running creative processes, networking events and interactive activities.

The Work in Progress unit on Alexandra Square comprises two bookable spaces, a Design Studio and a small Project Room. The furniture in both spaces is easily reconfigurable to meet the requirements of dynamic events, can be augmented with our 50" Surface Hub Pro and Meeting Owl to enable effective hybrid working.

There is secure connectivity provided by an Eduroam hub and a private wifi network to enable space users to access and control the Sonos stereo system.

There a small kitchen in the back with hot water, sink, fridge and most things you'll need to provide basic refreshments for a small group. Internal and external catering can be delivered.

There are gender-neutral toilet facilities, but sadly, the original architecture of the toilet area means it is not wheelchair accessible. However, there are wheelchair accessible toilets on the ground floor of the Library nearby.

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Design Studio

  • Area: 50.8m2
  • Dimensions: 9.5m x 5.25m approx
  • Capacity: Up to 60 seated, but varies according to configuration (see below)
  • Access: Front door on Alex Square can be opened by swiping a student or staff card once permission has been granted

What configurations are possible?

The default layout is with no furniture in the room, and depending on the activity, up to 24 people can work very comfortably on the vertical surfaces available without it feeling too cramped.

The following items of furniture can be booked according to requirement:

  • 20 low stools
  • 24 backed chairs (8 each on 3 wheeled frames)
  • 10 tall backed barstools
  • 6 rectangular tables, 90x180cm, wheeled, folding
  • 2 semi-circular tables, 90x180cm, wheeled, folding
  • 4 large cardboard room dividers/vertical worksurfaces, 160x200cm

All of these items are kept accessibly in the Store area behind the Studio, and can be easily moved in by a single person if necessary. The items provide for a range of possible configurations, including:

  • Campfire: sitting in circle on the small stools (20 people) or the backed chairs (24 people), or any combination of both.
  • Cabaret: sitting around individual tables (24 people) or connected in pairs (16 people) on threes (20 people), or any combination of these, up to max six tables.
  • Boardroom: sitting around all six tables locked together to make one large table (16 people).
  • Theatre: using any number of the stools, chairs and high chairs to create rows of raked seating with an aisle down the middle (54 people), with potential for others sitting on the floor at the front and standing at the sides.

Please note that there is a column in the middle of the room that does affect layout decisions, but should not present a problem. Even when using a theatre-style layout, we’ve tested and found it is possible to position the seats so that this doesn’t prevent anyone from seeing the front of the room.

" "
Group workshop using the Surface Hub Pro

Project Room

  • Area: 14.8m2
  • Dimensions: 3.8m x 4.5m approx
  • Capacity: Up to 8 seated
  • Access: Side door on South Spine can be opened via a provided key once booking has been granted.

Why would I use this room?

The Project Room is ideal for smaller group activities, such as meetings, video conferencing or single group work. However, it can be booked along with the Design Studio for a number of purposes, e.g.:

  • A place to set up event catering without disturbing activity in the Design Studio
  • An additional breakout space
  • A space for judging panellists to confer
  • A VIP lounge/waiting area

The default layout includes the two semi-circular tables locked together to make a round table, with 4-6 of the backed seats around it. However, this furniture can be removed, or more furniture added (see above), depending on your requirements.

A table filled with cakes and drinks
The room being used for event refreshments
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