The research vision of Lancaster Chemistry is summarised in our mission statement: “To advance chemical research at disciplinary interfaces, underpinned by excellence in the core discipline of chemistry”.

Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Characterisation and measurement of the properties of atoms, molecules, solids, materials and biological systems is at the heart of our physical and analytical chemistry (PAC) research here at Lancaster.

Chemical Theory and Computation

The interrelated fields of Chemical Theory and Chemical Computation form the basis of the CTC research theme in Chemistry at Lancaster.

Chemical Synthesis

Synthesis underlies all aspects of chemistry; the design, creation and study of molecules and materials are at the heart of research activity across all areas of chemistry.

Each of our themes has a team of research-active staff, each at the forefront of research in their respective fields. Our interests span many areas of both fundamental and technological interest. We share common ground in research excellence and an inclusive and collaborative spirit. We harbour a dedication to passing on our knowledge to a new generation of researchers.

Research Impact of all forms is an integral part of our research activity. We aim to mix the very best in chemical research with industrial partnerships to address real-world problems and generate solutions to Grand Challenges.

As part of the investment from Lancaster University in Chemistry, we have a major building redevelopment programme that will provide the Department with new, extensively equipped synthetic, physical and computational research laboratories, data analysis suites, and a major new spectroscopy suite. Further details on our research facilities may be found on our facilities page.

We offer motivated and talented students wishing to research chemistry the opportunity to study towards a PhD in Chemistry. We also encourage those wishing to pursue post-doctoral research here at Lancaster to contact usBrowse our funded PhD and post-doctoral research positions.

Chemistry-related research also takes place in other departments across the university. This includes work in the Lancaster Environment Centre, Engineering and Physics departments. This research covers areas such as:

  • Condensed matter
  • Environmental Science
  • Nuclear chemistry