The Chemical Engineering group researches all the relevant aspects of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, from fundamental science to engineering applications, working on scales that go from molecular-sized systems to large industrial plants.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • electrochemical energy storage and conversion
  • gas storage and separation and functional porous materials
  • photoelectrochemical and nanogravimetric sensors
  • the modelling of chemical kinetics in nuclear reprocessing activities
  • the modelling and optimisation of chemical kinetics for renewable and alternative fuels

Novel modelling and imaging techniques are studied and applied to a variety of processes that includes fossil fuel processing, alternative energy conversion, nuclear wastes and biological organs. The group is also active in energy integration and intensification for green and sustainable chemical processes, carbon dioxide utilisation (where carbon dioxide is used as a precursor to useful chemical commodities such as organic carbonates and polycarbonates), extraction of biologically active substances, photo-bio-reactors to grow biomass on an industrial scale and production of biodiesel. We also tackle research challenges in biomass utilisation, including solid-liquid separations, modelling and characterisation of complex rheology in organic suspensions, and in designing innovative distributed power generation from biomass and agricultural residues.