E-MIT and Electronics

E-MIT and Electronics: microwaves, terahertz and light

E-MIT, Engineering of Microwaves, Terahertz and Light Group at the Engineering Department at Lancaster University is a leading research group in the field of microwave, millimetre waves and THz research.

The E-MIT & Electronics Group forms the core capability within Lancaster's Quantum Technology Centre and is an integral part of the Cockcroft Institute for Accelerator Science & Technology, an international centre of excellence for R&D of future particle accelerators.

Core research interests in electronics include mixed signal electronics, interfaces and packaging, MEMS, microfluidic technologies and biophotonics. Competences and resources within E-MIT allowsresearch into high frequency fields including microwave and vacuum electronics, particle accelerators and klystrons, terahertz radiation and applications, mid-infrared photonic materials and devices and photonic crystals, metamaterials and computational electromagnetics. The E-MIT & Electronics group aims to merge consolidated knowledge with research beyond the state of the art, to create an exciting environment for students and researchers worldwide.