A senior officer from the UK’s environmental regulator, has been appointed an Honorary Industrial Fellow, bringing new opportunities for research, student placements and knowledge sharing. 

Ellyse Maddocks, a Northwest Knowledge and Partnership lead at the Environment Agency (EA), will hotdesk at the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), joining colleagues from the Agency’s national science directorate who are already based at LEC.

Ellyse, who studied Environmental Science at Lancaster, said: “We are developing our long term partnership with LEC into a strategic alliance, making it stronger and more focused.  It’s nice to be back and able to connect with people I’ve worked with in the past but in a different role.

“From 2014 we hope to offer a selection of environmental consultancy projects to masters students to complete as part of their course, with a view to also offering projects to undergraduates in the future.”

 “We are also looking at hosting a series of seminars and want to develop collaborative projects that align with LEC’s research interests and our business aims.”

“We see this alliance as a pilot for how we will work with other universities in the future,” Ellyse explained.

Dr Ruth Alcock, Head of Enterprise and Business Partnerships at LEC, said: “Growing a Strategic Alliance with the Environment Agency will be extremely positive for us. Having Ellyse embedded within the Department is a key first stage to move this forward.  

“Our aim is to nurture a long term, mutually beneficial relationship that supports both collaborative research across natural and social sciences and enhances the employability opportunities for our students.”