What Will You Study

Our English Masters by Research is a one year independent study programme, which is especially attractive to students who already know they want to study for a PhD and have a clear sense of their research interests.

The MA is an opportunity to ‘pilot’ this research and undertake essential preparatory research methodology training (as required by the Arts and Humanities Research Council). From 2012 - 13, the Department of English and Creative Writing will have two ‘fees only’ 1+3 bursaries to award each year to students planning to follow their MA with a PhD.

Students may choose to pursue an MA by Research in any area of Literary Studies providing a suitable supervisor is available.

The Ruskin Library and Research Centre is particularly interested in applications for MA by Research degrees. Applications would be made via the Department of English and Creative Writing but students would also be members of the Ruskin Library and Research Centre, with full access to the collection. It would suit those wishing to focus on nineteenth century studies, Ruskin and his circle, and those wishing to experience research using an original archive collection.