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  • Arts & Social Sciences
    • Educational Research
    • English Literature and Creative Writing 
    • History 
    • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA), encompassing Art, Design, Film and Theatre
    • Languages and Cultures
    • Law School
    • Linguistics and English Language
    • Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR)
    • Sociology
  • Management School
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation
    • Leadership & Management
    • Management Science
    • Marketing
    • Organisation, Work & Technology

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  • Health & Medicine
    • Biomedical and Life Sciences
    • Health Research
    • Lancaster Medical School
  • Science & Technology


Support undergraduate students in their third year of study by offering a twelve month placement. Get the chance to work with our talented students over a long period of time and find out how an inquisitive student can bring a fresh perspective to your organisation.

Work experience:

Work experience for a shorter period of time provides invaluable experience for students and an opportunity for you to complete smaller projects. It also allows you to consider how a student or graduate could contribute to your company.


Short-term paid internships over a vacation period offer you the opportunity to recruit a student to complete a discreet project. This will allow you to observe potential future talent in your workplace and consider employing the student on a longer term basis in the future. We offer a service to support you with recruitment, selection and payroll.

Be part of the curriculum:

Would you like to shape and inform our students’ learning to keep them current with the demands and changes in your sector? We welcome your input into our curriculum – whether this is subject specific or more generic such as updates in the sector or sharing valuable insights as to how students can succeed in your recruitment and selection process.

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