Research Staff - A - K

Bachar Alrouh

Dr Bachar Alrouh

Research Fellow

+44 (0)7799 870993 B068, B - Floor, Bowland North
Kirsti Ashworth

Dr Kirsti Ashworth

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow

Atmosphere, Climate and Pollution, DSI - Environment, Institute for Social Futures - Leadership Team

Oliver Bates

Dr Oliver Bates

Research Fellow

DSI - Environment, Energy Lancaster, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Behavioural Science), Security Lancaster (Societal Threats)

C20, C - Floor, InfoLab21
Michelle Collins

Dr Michelle Collins

Senior Research Associate, Research Fellow (PHIRST)

Centre for Health Inequalities Research

Matthew Coole

Matthew Coole

Senior Research Associate

SCC (Data Science), UCREL - University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language

C28, C - Floor, InfoLab21
Liz Edwards

Dr Liz Edwards

Senior Research Associate

HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, More than Human , SCC (Distributed Systems)

Claudio Fronterre

Dr Claudio Fronterre

Lecturer in Biostatistics (Global Health)

CHICAS, DSI - Health

Alex Garner

Alex Garner

Senior Research Associate in End of Life Care Research, PhD student

Jan Hollinshead

Jan Hollinshead

Senior Research Associate, PhD student

Ryan Hossaini

Dr Ryan Hossaini

Reader in Atmospheric Chemistry

Atmosphere, Climate and Pollution, DSI - Environment

Janja Komljenovic

Dr Janja Komljenovic

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation, Centre for Technological Futures , DSI - Society

Research Staff - L - Z

Robin Long

Dr Robin Long

Research Software Engineer

B053, B - Floor, Physics Building
Janine Morley

Dr Janine Morley

Early Career Research Fellow

DEMAND - Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand, DSI - Society

B127, B - Floor, Bowland North
Louise Mullagh

Dr Louise Mullagh

Senior Research Associate - Population and Policy

Imagination Lancaster, Policy and Governance , Space & Place , Worldbuilding

James Robinson

Dr James Robinson

Leverhulme Research Fellow

Barry Rowlingson

Barry Rowlingson

Research Fellow

CHICAS, DSI - Health

Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw

Research Associate, PhD student

DSI - Foundations

D23, D - Floor, InfoLab21
Heather Shaw

Dr Heather Shaw

Lecturer in Psychology

Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Behavioural Science)

Robert Shone

Dr Robert Shone

Lecturer in Operational Research

Centre for Transport & Logistics (CENTRAL), Security Lancaster, Simulation and Stochastic Modelling, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

Emma Stubington

Emma Stubington

Senior Research Associate

CHICAS, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

John Vidler

Dr John Vidler

Senior Research Associate

SCC (Data Science), UCREL - University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language

D29, D - Floor, InfoLab21
Maria Walach

Dr Maria Walach FRAS

Senior Research Associate

Space and Planetary Physics

B504, B - Floor, Physics Building