2017 Seminars


MOOCs: Back to the Future

Phil Tubman, Department of Educational Research/School of Computing and Communications PhD Student, Lancaster University

06 December, 2017

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Does it Matter What You Study?

Professor Paul Ashwin, Dr Janja Komljenovic and Dr Jan McArthur, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University

15 November, 2017

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Tools for Creative Engagement

Miriam Sturdee, Hayley Alter and Laura Wareing - School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University; Imagination Lancaster

08 November, 2017

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A Forgotten Turning Point: The Universities Deputation of 23 November 1918

John Taylor, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University

18 October, 2017

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Hedge Knights and Pedlars - the Professional Development of Early Career Further Education Lecturers

Georgia McCrone, PhD Student, Department of Educational Research

21 June, 2017

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Gadamer: ‘the problem of method’

Jon Nixon, Honorary Professor, Education University of Hong Kong, and Honorary Senior Research Fellow within the Centre for Lifelong Learning Research and Development

10 May, 2017

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‘Ethical Placements?  Under what Conditions can Educational Placements support Sustainable Development?’

James Ackers-Johnson, University of Salford

03 May, 2017

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Uncertain transition – the lived experience of recent graduates

Fiona Christie, Educaitonal Research, Lancaster University

15 March, 2017

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A theory-practice gap in online higher education: failure of constructivist learning theories or victory of paradigm shift rhetoric?

Kyungmee Lee, Educational Research, Lancaster University

08 March, 2017

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Peer Review and Impact: Lessons about evaluation mechanics and their artefacts from the REF2014

Gemma Derrick, Educational Research, Lancaster University

15 February, 2017

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"You Got To Have Faith": A Case Study of Polish Parents' Secondary School Choice for Their Children in London and Nottingham

Jenny Thatcher, University of East London

08 February, 2017

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Measuring Teaching Excellence: Challenges and Possibilities

Paul Ashwin, Educational Research, Lancaster University

18 January, 2017

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