Structure and modules

The programme is divided into two parts, and has a modular structure with six modules in total. All modules are compulsory.

Part One (years 1 and 2) consists of five modules that offer participants guided study in key areas of education and social justice nationally and internationally.

  • EDS851: Understanding Social Justice Internationally: Issues, Theories and Approaches.
  • EDS852: Promoting Social Justice through Education.
  • EDS855: Social Justice in Institutions and Organisations.
  • EDS854: Researching Social Justice.
  • EDS853: Evaluating the implementation of Social Justice Programmes.

Part Two (years 3 and 4) - participants carry out an original piece of research under the supervision of a member of staff and produce a thesis (45,000 words). There is also the sixth module:

  • EDS856: Writing and defending the thesis.