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Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation

Welcome to the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation (CHERE)

As one of the oldest centres in the world conducting higher education research, we are committed to enhancing and transforming the higher education sector and its role in society, economy and culture.  The current co-Directors of the Centre are Janja Komljenovic and Natasa Lackovic.

We have collaborations, partnerships and projects with world renowned higher education research centres in the UK, Europe and beyond. We are a key partner in the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE), which is an international multi-site centre conducting research into the engagement and impact of higher education. 

The Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation has recently launched a working paper series and you can download the first paper from the CHERE working papers webpage.

Please visit our web pages to learn more about current projects, academic staff and our flagship PhD programmes; The PhD in Educational Research - Higher Education (residential based), and the  PhD in Higher Education: Research, Evaluation and Enhancement (entirely online). Our staff are also open to taking on Traditional route PhD students, either part- or full-time.