How College 1000 Funds are used

Each of our colleges have their own bespoke ways of using the funds generously donated to them through the College 1000 campaign, this helps to ensure that the funds are able to support those in the college who need it most, meaning all gifts are able to have the largest possible impact upon both current and future generations in each college. Find out how your college is using funds from the College 1000 campaign below

How your college uses funds from the College 1000

Student Beneficiaries

Charlotte, County College

Donations from the College 1000 campaign have enhanced my student experience by allowing me to pursue my passion for dance.

I have always wanted to compete across universities and the money has given me the opportunity to audition for the competition squads and then pay for me travel and entry into competitions when I passed the audition. The competitions are a fun way for me to spend my weekends, and they allow me to experience the professional environment of dance that I may be heading into in the future. LUDanS has been a great way for me to take time to enjoy myself and release the stress of University life.

The weekly stretch and technique sessions not only keep me fit physically but also mentally, as we practice meditation. Through LUDanS I have made many new friends, meaning I can join in on the numerous socials or the pre-comp meals. Previously I rarely went out but within the socials I feel more comfortable and cared for. Being part of the society also means I can attend as many classes as I want, which has allowed me to improve my dance skills. This has not only boosted my confidence but assisted me in some of my assessments for my Theatre degree, like the movement and voice module. I can’t wait for more exciting opportunities that I might have as a member of LUDanS, such as competing in Roses 2020 and performing in Extravs. I hope to begin choreographing myself as well next term, teaching my own classes which will help to build up my dance skills and experience even further.



Louis, County College

I am a third-year student, and I applied for the College 1000 grant to allow me to pay the membership of County College Football.

Thanks to the grant, I was able to afford to play football again this year. This has enhanced my student experience in several ways. Firstly, I have always found enjoyment from playing football, and miss it when I am not playing. It provides me with a dedicated time to forget about any problems or worries that I might be experiencing. Because of this, it plays an important part in my mental health, in addition to the physical health benefits that it brings.

I have been able to meet a range of new people this year through football, as a large amount of first year students have joined. This has allowed me to expand my social circle, as well as meet like minded individuals which has enhanced my student experience.

As I am a captain this year, the grant has allowed me to make the most of this opportunity. I have been able to develop my leadership and organisational skills. I am in charge of planning training sessions, and initially had to organise the most suitable time slot for the training sessions to take place. This has been challenging, but something I have thoroughly enjoyed so far. In terms of my leadership skills, people have looked up to me for motivation during matches as well as training sessions. I have had to lead by example both on and off the pitch, showing consistent commitment. I have benefited from this in the sense that I have a motivation to stay busy, which in turn has helped me to stay busy with university in general.


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