The College 1000

Become a part of your College 1000 today by donating just £5 a month to support the needs of your college and its students. Half of your donation will directly support your college and the other half will provide much needed scholarships for students in greatest need. Without a doubt The College 1000 will make a real difference to our students. Join us today!

Go to the College 1000 Twitter page for live updates about how many donations each college has received!

Your College Needs You

Your college needs 1,000 of its alumni to donate £5 a month to support current and future students. Will you join?

Every college has fantastic achievements and collective memories – Bowland and Lonsdale rivalry, the Carter Shield, Legends trophy, the County tree, Extravs, winter balls and graduation celebrations… That’s the stuff that college memories are made of.

£5 a month ensures the next generation of students are supported in our fantastic college communities.

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Become a College Champion

To become a College Champion donate £25 a month to support your college.

This earns you 5 places in the College 1000 and brings your college closer to their ultimate donation goal. 

Find out more about being a College Champion here and then donate using the links below

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