Jessica Davies

Professor Jessica Davies

Professor of Sustainability

Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science, Improving global stewardship, Soil Plant and Land Systems, Sustainable Catchments, Understanding a changing planet

Associate Directors

Ruth Alcock

Dr Ruth Alcock

Head of Enterprise & Business Partnerships

John Appleby

Dr John Appleby SFHEA

Lecturer in Medical Ethics

Interdisciplinary network in culture, health, ethics and society

Anna Cockman

Anna Cockman

Head of Estate Development (Project Delivery)

Carolyn Hayes

Carolyn Hayes

Operations Manager Centre for Global Eco-Innovation

A11/A12, A - Floor, LEC lll
Joanne Larty

Dr Joanne Larty

Senior Lecturer

Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Pentland Centre

C095, C - Floor, Management School
Paul McKenna

Dr Paul McKenna

Business Partnerships Manager

+44 (0)7964 079808 A11/A12, A - Floor, LEC lll
Mark McLaughlin

Dr Mark McLaughlin

Visiting Researcher

Chemical Synthesis

+44 (0)1524 521959 A044, A - Floor, Faraday Building
Abigail Morris

Dr Abigail Morris

Lecturer in Workplace Health and Well Being

FHM Mental Health Theme

Douglas Orr

Plant and Crop Science

Andy Pickard

Dr Andy Pickard

Manager Centre for Global Eco-innovation

+44 (0)1524 510403 A11/A12, A - Floor, LEC lll
Basu Saha

Dr Basu Saha

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

D07, D - Floor, Engineering Building
Kirk Semple

Professor Kirk Semple

Director, Professor

Centre for Global Eco-innovation , Innovation for a better environment, Soil Plant and Land Systems

+44 (0)1524 510554 B061, B - Floor, LEC 1