Research and Innovation Insights

The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation has worked with many businesses from various sectors, across the North West to help them to innovate, develop & grow. Find out more about our past and present projects below.


Video Case Study - Silverwoods

Silverwoods Waste Management has successfully repurposed industrial waste products as beneficial agricultural soil amendments. Focusing on Silverwoods Waste Management’s main product, Molly Frost's PhD research project aims to understand the full carbon sequestration potential of cement bypass dust when applied to agricultural soils.

Eco-I NW

Video Case Study - NAQTS

Iman Hussain's PhD research project with the National Air Quality Testing Services is aimed at simultaneously decarbonising buildings, promoting good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and reducing the likelihood of airborne virus transmission. The project has worked to validate an Internet of Things network of sensors to improve IAQ, reducing ventilation related energy demand, and driving better understanding of stakeholder use of IAQ data.

Eco-I NW

Video Case Study - Typhon Treatment Systems

Winner of the Eco-I NW ‘One-to-Watch’ Award 2022, Typhon have collaborated with the Eco-I NW project to further develop an innovative and low energy LED water-treatment system.

Eco-I NW Awards 2022