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iLancaster is our most popular product.

Developed with the intention to create a efficient product that meets staff and students' daily requirements and necessities in one place, to improve their experience at Lancaster University. Visit iLancaster.

Space booking via Lighthouse

Lancaster University's ITPI Team have developed a solution with the RWP (Reimagining Working Practices) program, to help students and staff with an improved experience with hybrid working in mind. This feature allows users to book meeting rooms, desks, study spaces ect. To ensure they have an effective space to work when choosing to work in person, on campus. Visit the Lighthouse booking system.


Buses is a feature within the 'Maps' feature of iLancaster. Buses allows you to see live bus times from all stops dotted around campus from their arrival time, to each buses route, as well as the bus numbers, the names of each stop and the option to favourite the bus stops of your choice. Ensuring your travels are made easier. Vist Buses.


We look after attendance data for each individual student via the iLancaster application. Students are able to check into their lectures via the app and use their virtual timetable to display any sessions they might have that week. We collect data and stats that can identify when a student clicks check in to contribute to their attendance record. In the app we call this system the Academic Hub. Visit Academic Hub.

ASK Enquiries

If you have a question about your life or studies at Lancaster, and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask in ASK Enquiries. All you need to do is type your question into the ‘Ask a question’ box and you’ll likely find your answer straight away. Visit ASK Enquiries.


The purose is to display all Outlets on campus from the Spar to, Costa Coffee, WH Smith, Stationary Stores, Subway, Lancaster Medical Practice and all of the different colleges etc. With the aim being that you can see where each outlet is located and direct yourself there using the iLancaster Maps feature. Visit Outlets.

Ideas Wall

Ideas Wall is a feature designed to put the users creative minds at the forefront. It allwos both us and you to create different walls based on different topics to get the next brilliant ideas and innovations for them. For example we may have one called iLancaster where anyone can write ideas they'd like to see next, as well as having the ability to vote and comment on other people's. This will help us decide what to work towards next.

Digital Tours

View different locations in and off campus, look through the digital lense and explore from whereever you are.


Bins our feature built to ensure you can stay on top of your bin collections, so you know when those dates occur depending to your personalised postcodes. Click here to visit our Bins app within iLancaster.

Fix a Fault

Found a fault anywhere on campus you need to be fixed? Report it in here and the fault will be attended to immediately. Find Fix a Fault here.


Photospheres is a digital way of displaying the different rooms and locations on campus, so you can experience a lifelike version digitally from whereever you are. Perhaps you are a student trying to get an idea of what your next lecture room looks like or a upcoming student trying to find your way around and get a feel for the University.