Our Creations

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Active Projects

Here are some of the projects we are currently working on and will soon be available to you...

  • Generative AI

    At ITPI, we're diving deep into the exciting world of Generative AI. We're all about pushing boundaries, getting creative, and exploring how this cool tech can shake things up. From sparking innovation to shaping smarter systems, we're on a mission to make Generative AI the game-changer it's meant to be. Join us as we dig into the future, one breakthrough at a time!

  • VR Ruskin Experience

    Working with The Ruskin to see how, with new technology, we can bring his work to life - for stakeholders, schools and exhibitions. Check here soon for more information!

  • Commercial App

    We are also currently working on creating an app for anyone who would like to use spaces in the Health innovation Campus. This will allow business, freelancers and members of the HIC community to book spaces, buy access passes, and stay up to date with everything going on.

Completed Projects

Welcome to our gallery of creations!

At ITPI, we take pride in showcasing the innovative and impactful projects we've developed. Explore the cutting-edge solutions, research findings, and creative works that represent our commitment to innovation.


Our pride and joy is the iLancaster app. We work tirelessly to ensure the best experience for all users by creating an efficient product that meets your daily requirements.

Click to explore iLancaster, check the latest updates, or leave your feedback.


iLancaster Features

Our app's main feature is attendance, allowing students to check into their timetabled sessions. However, it also offers features like 'Lighthouse' with navigation around campus and space booking. Within Lighthouse, we also have 'Buses' offering live bus times, and more features like laundry, outlets, and PCs. All made to make your university experience easier.

Access Lighthouse and all its features.

ASK Enquiries

One of our other creations is Ask Enquiries. If you have a question about your life or studies at Lancaster, and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask in ASK Enquiries. All you need to do is type your question into the ‘Ask a question’ box and you’ll likely find your answer straight away. Visit ASK Enquiries.

Ideas Wall

Ideas Wall is a feature designed to put the users creative minds at the forefront. It allows both us and you to create different walls based on different topics to get the next brilliant ideas and innovations for them. For example, we may have one called iLancaster where anyone can write ideas they'd like to see next, as well as having the ability to vote and comment on other people's. This will help us decide what to work towards next.

Digital Tours

View different locations in and off campus. This creation allows you to look through the digital lens and explore diffrent parts of Lancaster from wherever you are. Check out Digital Tours

Fix A Fault

Found a fault anywhere on campus you need to be fixed? Report a fault in here to get it attended to. Find Fix a Fault to get started. 


Photospheres is a digital way of displaying the different rooms and locations on campus, so you can experience a lifelike version digitally from wherever you are. Perhaps you are a student trying to get an idea of what your next lecture room looks like or a upcoming student trying to find your way around and get a feel for the University. 

Instructions to use the Photosphere