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The Center for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity, University of Central Florida and the Centre for International Law and Human Rights, Lancaster University Law School are organising a hybrid (in-person/virtual) Conference on Human Rights and Sustainable Development at Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster University, UK, on 14-15 July 2023.

To register please follow this link Conference on Human Rights and Sustainable Development, 14-15 July 2023. For further information please e-mail


Friday 14 July

09.15 Tea and Coffee

09.45 Welcome Address

10.00-12.00 Panel 1: Framing the Interaction between Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Chair: Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley (Liverpool University)

Professor Pádraig McAuliffe (Liverpool University)

‘They should Do All those Things, Yes. But Why Don’t They? Locating and Elaborating Political Will in the Sustainable Development Goals’

Professor Sigrun Skogly (Lancaster University)

‘Human Rights as a Sustainability Tool? The Human Rights of Future Generations’

Oonagh Sands (Fietta LLP)

‘Sustainable Development and Protecting Marine Biological Diversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction’

Dr Angeliki Papantoniou (Queen Mary, University of London)

‘Deep Seabed Mining: Can It Ever Relate to Children’s Rights Obligations?’

Maria di Maggio (Bari University)

‘Criminal Law and Sustainable Development: A Possible Binomial?’

12.00-12.30 Lunch

12.30-14.30 Panel 2: The Right to Development and Sustainable Development

Chair: Dr John Pearson (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Dr Emmanuel Guematcha (University of French Guiana)

‘The Right to Development in the United Nations and African Human Rights Systems’

Elsabé Boshoff (Oslo University)

‘The Right to Sustainable Development in the African Regional and Constitutional Law’

Dr Olaniyi Olayinka (Redeemer’s University)

‘The Right to a Satisfactory Environment in Africa: Investigating Deforestation and the Right to Food Security’

Zamzam Mohammed (Kenya Mission to UN)

‘From Policy to Practice: Examining the Implementation of the Kenya Equalization Fund and Its Impact on the Right to Development’

Adelaide Karomo (Nelson Mandela University)

‘The Common Heritage of Mankind and the Right to Development: The Need to Ensure that African States Participate in Mineral Mining in the Area’

14.30-14.45 Break

14.45-16.45 Panel 3: Gender, Children and Sustainable Development

Chair: Dr James Summers (Lancaster University)

Michala Meiselles (Derby University)

‘Addressing Systemic Trust in the Context of the Universal Right to Education and the Digitalisation of Education’

Dr Yuanchi Jia (Guangxi Normal University)

‘Gender Equality and the Inclusive Society: Eliminating the Gender-Based Discrimination on the Access to the Compulsory Education in China’

Dr Preethi Lolaksha Nagaveni (Lancaster University) Dr Amit Anand (REVA University)

‘Towards a Gendered Understanding of Climate Change Impacts in India’

Ishmael Bhila (Portsmouth University) and Edson Chiwenga (Pretoria University)

‘Centring Local Knowledges in Sustainable Development: An Intersectional Analysis of Development Interventions in Southern Africa’

16.45-17.00 Break

17.00-19.00 Panel 4: Sustainable Development and Vulnerable Communities

Chair: Dr Alex Gough (Lancaster University)

Medes Malaihollo (Gröningen University)

‘Energy Transition and the Right to Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples: A Legal Analysis of Onshore Wind Power Projects and the Sámi in Norway’

Sylvanus Doe (Earth System Governance Project, Utrecht University)

‘Rights to Burn Global Savannas: Longing for Human Wellbeing and Sustainability’

Szymon Kucharski (Jagiellonian University)

‘Solution Hidden in a Glass of Water: Providing International Protection to Forced Climate Migrants via an Emerging Human Right to Water and Non-Refoulement Principle’

Magdalena Stryja (Science and Development Committee, Katowice Bar Association)

‘Managing a Just Transition: A Sustainable Right to Decent work and the Socio-Legal Impact of the War in Ukraine’

19.30 Dinner

Saturday 15 July

09.00-11.00 Panel 5: Business, Trade and Investment

Chair: Professor James Bacchus (Center for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity)

Professor Winfried Huck and Jennifer Maaß (Brunswick European Law School)

‘Substantial Influence of the SDGs on the New Sustainability Legislation in Germany and the EU’

Dr Nevena Jevremovic and Dr Francesca Farrington (Aberdeen University)

‘Realigning International Investment Agreements and the 2030 Agenda’

Dr Zaker Ahmad (Chittagong University)

‘Human Rights Foundations of an Extraterritorial Responsibility to Promote Green Investments: Combining the Best of Both Worlds’

Dr Rafael Savva (Lancaster University)

‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once: Can the UK’s Version of Shareholder Stewardship drive Shareholder Engagement Promotive of Corporate Sustainability?’

Dr. Johanna Lorenzo (Amsterdam University)

‘Human Rights in Trade Agreements and Sustainability Impact Assessments: Which Rights and Whose Development?’

11.00-11.15 Break

11.15-13.15 Panel 6: Implementation

Chair: Dr Alexandra Harrington (Lancaster University)

Dr Patricia Grazziotin Noschang (University of Passo Fundo)

‘Climate Litigation and Human Rights: The Role of Human Rights Courts’

Dr Abe Kie (Kobe University)

‘Reconsidering Tests for Causation in International Human Rights Law’

Sofie-Marie Terrey (Freie Universität Berlin)

‘Contesting Unsustainable Development Activities by Means of Human Rights Law’

13.15 Close and Lunch

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